27 april, 2017

The Lostwater People legend

In the past humans traveled long distances to find food and supplies. One group of people were more successful than others in surviving. Their society blossomed as they were able to cover vast distances in the search. Both men and women were working together, but that was not their only long kept secret and advantage. They did not only travel on land.

Started as a game, getting to a certain point as quickly as possible, they learned that sometimes using water to travel was the safer and quicker option. This knowledge was then passed on to their everyday life. Mastering the elements and their bodies they could travel longer, using less energy and time. It was not just about being strong. Ready for whatever obstacles nature could bring they did not fear. They were the Lostwater People.

The knowledge was refined in generations until the people were scattered and the knowledge forgotten.  Some say that unwitting descendants still carry the skills deep inside, a natural ability to choose safe and fast ways through nature.  

Do you know your history? Do you feel you could find your way through nature? There is only one way to find out.